Cosmetic Dentistry

(The procedures in italics are described in more detail in the Cosmetic Dentistry category)

Cosmetic dentistry is performed on a daily basis at our dental practice.

We can provide simple procedures such as the replacement of old amalgam (silver) fillings with cosmetic composite resin.

We can also place porcelin veneers or crowns to improve the appearance of discoloured, stained, chipped or crooked teeth to give you the smile you have always wanted. The placement of porcelin veneers or crowns over previously restored (filled) teeth can strengthen these teeth.

Bridgework or dental implants can be used to replace teeth where they have been removed.

Discoloured and worn down old resin fillings can be replaced by modern cosmetic composite resin fillings. These modern resin fillings will last longer and retain their polished appearance for a greater time.

Where old small fillings require retreatment, they may be simply replaced, but as the cavity becomes larger a porcelin inlay and/or onlay may be considered. This type of restoration is designed to protect the residual tooth structure. This type of treatment may be desired as it is a conservative treatment to a full porcelin crown.

If you feel your teeth are a little yellow, our practice can provide you with tooth whitening procedures. We have take home whitening kits that use vacuum formed mouth trays to hold the whitening agent to your teeth so you can control the amount of whitening of your teeth at home. Or if you prefer or we recommend ZOOM whitening, we are able to whiten your teeth using a higher concentrated whitening agent in our practice.

We will discuss the best options for each individual circumstance.