General Dentistry

We cannot emphasise the importance of regular dental checkups in the prevention of teeth and gum disease. Regular checkups allow us to monitor any changes to your dental condition and gum health. Along with a healthy diet we will advise on strategies to reduce any negative changes to your dental tissues, be it your teeth, gums or jaw joint (TMJ - temporomandubular joint). Almost all people should have their dental checkups performed every 6 months.

Dental radiographs (x-rays) should be taken at every 2 years to allow us to view areas that are not visible to the eye or dental explorer (probe) during a regular dental examination. Some changes that are caught early can be reversed with the application of fluorides or sealants. Dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction can also help in reversing negative changes to teeth and gums.

Our practice suggests that you schedule your 6 monthly dental checkup and clean when you finish your existing appointment with us. We will notify you one week prior the appointment by telephone or SMS (we will soon be able to email you), as to whether the appointment time is still suitable. If not, your appointment can be changed.

Our aim is to conserve tooth structure and maintain gum health and minimise pathological changes to your teeth and gums. Preservation and or the restoration of teeth and gums will lead to better health.

We do not want dental decay to be undiagnosed as this untreated decay may result in teeth requiring more extensive treatment or at worst extraction. If a tooth is lost, the adjacent and opposing teeth will move to try to close the space. This will create other spaces which will lead to food impacting in these areas and it may not take long for decay and or gum disease to result. You may end up losing several teeth. Dental bridgework or implants or a partial denture should be made to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Healthy teeth and gums allow us to eat better and enjoy good food. Also various studies have shown a relationship between dental gum disease and heart disease. Good functioning teeth and gums can enhance the quality and length of your life.

We look forward to seeing you at your dental examination and clean.