Your First Visit

At your first visit we will take the time to sit down and discuss with you what you really want. We ask you about past dental experience, diet and habits, and evaluate your medical history as it relates to dental conditions.

Please download and print the PDF forms here, fill them in, and bring them to your first appointment.

We will examine your entire mouth including your tongue, soft tissues teeth and gums.

We apraise the condition of your past dental work and give you an indication of how long it may last, recommend options for future restoration and stress any urgent conditions that require immediate attention before they cause problems.

We can use the latest  in intra oral camera vision to show you the condition of you teeth and existing fillings. We will also  take low dose     x-rays, using the latest xray machines and x ray film technology, to complete your dental examination.

At the completion of your first appointment you will receive all treatment recommendations, including fees involved. We will give you customised "Daily Dental Care" instructions, and the tools and knowledge to maintain your natural teeth for life.